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Do You Have These Questions?

How to get more customers?​

I need a performing website!​

Can someone grow & manage my social media?

How can we advertise my business?​

How to become a brand?​

I need a sales funnel!​

Which tech stack to use?​

I have a business idea but don’t know how to execute it!​

You Are At The Right Place

Your growth map



Book a call with Pranav & we will help you identify your needs, map requirements and set a strategy for your growth!



We will develop a working framework and will find the hidden potential for your business success!



After thorough testing, we will launch the framework carefully so you are able to enjoy the positive results!

Here's What We Have To Offer

Branding & ReBranding

You want to turn your business into a brand and become memorable to your prospects.

But don’t know how to do this!

Therefore, let us help you in becoming a brand!


You need a website that drives quality leads and makes enormous sales.

Unfortunately, your website is not converting visitors into customers!

Let us design and develop a performing website for your business.

Digital Marketing

You want a solid marketing plan for your business that can skyrocket your sales.

However, you don’t know how social media ads and strategies work!

Therefore, let us develop working marketing strategies and execute result-oriented advertising campaigns for your business!

Social Media Growth

More post followers and engagement (likes, comments & shares) are what your business deserves.

But, you don’t have the expertise and time to achieve your desired goals!

Thus, we can do this for your business and even drive-in quality leads by targeting the right customers!

Business Automation

You need to save time in repetitive work to become more productive.

But you have no clue, that how you can automate these daily tasks!

Therefore, let us set up an automation system for your business!

You can automate sales, employees, social media and a lot more!

Pranav's RPG Pack

You have a brilliant business idea to make millions if not billions of dollars!

But you don’t know how and where to start!

For that reason, we have introduced our RPG pack (Rapid Profitable Growth)!

This pack will strategically plan and launch your business to achieve the desired goals!

Choose Us,

  • Ask Pranav is a registered firm in The Government Of India.
  • We patiently listen to your problem & then deliver a TAILORED solution.
  • We might be geographically away, but we will make you FEEL in-house! (always connected)
  • We have already worked for DIFFERENT industries, with both B2B & B2C businesses.
  • To ensure quality, we work for LIMITED clients at a time.

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